Lomography and Polaroid Cameras: Highly Recommended

Photography has been an enormous part of my life for the last 10 years. More of an obsession really and now I am happy to say that it is my business. I am a Canon girl. I work mostly with a Canon 7D camera and a huge variety of Canon lenses.  As a photographer that loves fine art, fashion and style that stands out in general, it was natural for me to develop an infatuation with Lomography and Polaroid cameras.

What is Lomography?

Lomography is a cool eclectic type of photography that comes from an Austrian camera manufacturer that was known as Lomo.

Lomography (also known as Analogue) cameras use film which makes them traditional and  unique in a world where you can see every picture instantly after you take it. Its a throw back to the time when you had to get your film developed and wait to see the results. The only exception to using film in Lomography cameras are polaroid instax cameras which work the same as the old school polaroid cameras. Either way, the results from any lomography camera give you a filtered, cool, retro look that is unique, pleasing to the eye, old school and rad.. which is probably why I liked them so much!


Which camera should I buy?

Lomography has a huge schmorgasboard of cameras that you can choose from. They all come in different sizes, shapes, and colours with different lenses, attachments and flashes. There is a camera to fit every niche, style, colour and preference so you really can’t go wrong on finding a camera that you will like.

My personal favourites?


I have a serious love for polaroids. I am obsessed with polaroid pictures and I find my instax to come in handy for almost any occasion. It is also always fun to be able to watch a picture develop in front of your eyes and “shake it like a polaroid picture”. Having an instant print never happens anymore so it is also fun to give them away to friends or whoever is with you in the moment. I have them hanging all over my place and they are very cool, personal and artsy decor! A collection of instax polaroid options can be found HERE on Amazon.ca.

Fish Eye

I have always loved a fish eye camera and the crazy fish bowl perspective that it gives to pictures. Its so fun to take a fish eye out on a fun day and develop the pictures later. I am always pleased with the result of the fish eye, especially when I am taking pictures of other people. Its a very different and artistic look, which I am always on board for! I took my fish eye camera all around Australia and those are still some of the coolest photos I have to date. Interested in a fish eye? Search your options HERE.

Plain old Diana

One of the most basic Lomography cameras that you can buy is called the Diana. Diana was the first Lomography camera that I ever got and it was given to me as a present. It is a simple basic film camera that comes with an external flash and different coloured filters. The images it produces have an old cinema retro vibe. Some photos have vignettes, random light leaks and multiple exposure capabilities. Highly recommended. Interested? Click HERE.

Where do I buy a camera?

There are many places that you can find Lomography and Instax Polaroid cameras. One of my favourite places to go is Urban Outfitters. If you don’t have a store near you, online shopping is always an easy option. You can find some Urban Outfitters Lomography options HERE.

You can go straight to the Lomography website and they sell all of their cameras, lenses, filters accessories and more!

Lastly, click HERE to see endless options through Amazon.ca.


Happy snapping friends!


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