Saskatoon Fashion Photography and Kelowna Designers Collaboration

I just finished working on the photoshoot of my dreams! Recently, Wawryk Photography teamed up with two companies from Kelowna, GreenBeanReLoved and LoveUglyBunny, to do a fashion photography lifestyle shoot promoting their kimono and jewelry designs. GreenBeanReLoved is a fashion designer from Kelowna, BC that uses unique, upcycled materials to make beautiful kimonos, hats and scarfs for all seasons. This was paired with an amazing jewelry designer, LoveUglyBunny, also from Kelowna. The jewelry fit the kimonos very well as it has a fun, laid back mountain bohemian vibe. The brand carries necklaces and earrings that feature the Okanagan style with their geometric, mountain designs and bright eye-catching colours. Their brand was a perfect fit for the  bohemian, fashion and lifestyle signature that is Wawryk Photography. Pairing the pieces together was a treat as the jewelry and kimonos were stunning and worked so well together.

Aside from working with these amazing brands, I also got the pleasure of working with some very beautiful and talented models. This work would not have been possible without the help of Amelia Boissoneau, Kayla Cassidy and Ashley Wawryk. When a dream team of creatives comes together you end up with the best possible results! I am so humbled and grateful to be able to work with such creative and talented individuals. Heres to summer and fashion!♥

If you are interested in buying from these brands you can find them at: and



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